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Paper and Ink A Love Story

Paper & Ink. A Love Story

We have a huge crush on little books. The way they fit perfectly in our back pockets and protect us by keeping our secrets safe. We trust them with our innermost thoughts, our do-not-forgets and our most important information. They are always within reach to preserve the thoughts we have today so that we don’t lose them tomorrow.

From diaries to journals to pocket planners to blank-page notepads, there’s a type of little book for everyone. This fall, we challenge you to find your way back to paper and ink. Here are a few places to start.


Rite in the Rain is pure genius in the world of writing paper, allowing you to write anywhere thanks to its unique patented all-weather paper that actually sheds water. The pocket-sized books are designed to accompany you everywhere you go, regardless of the weather. These are the books that will make writing in the great outdoors even better.

Quo Vadis has been keeping people organized since the they first launched their diary grid in 1952. These books are like BlackBerries to executives, teachers, students and scholars. And, as some of the most customizable planners on the planet, these diaries provide as little or as much detail as you need in a variety of different formats.

Habana books are made for thoughts worth keeping. Available in six colours and three sizes, these 80-page books are made with chlorine-free paper, semi-hard leather-like covers, rounded corners and a built-in bookmark to ensure you can always pick up where you last left off.


A favourite of Louis XIV and Victor Hugo, J. Herbin ink dates back to 1670 making it the oldest name in ink production worldwide. J. Herbin’s fountain pen inks, La Perle des Encres (The Jewel of Inks), were first sold in a Parisian boutique in the early 17th century. These fast-drying inks are available in a range of 30 bright and beautiful colours ranging from romantic pink to rich cacao to traditional blue.

Encre Authentique (Authentic Ink, also known as Lawyers Ink) is a black water-based ink that was a favourite among French notaries for writing official acts. Campeche wood tannin ensures it will stand the test of time – the ink is guaranteed to be legible for up to 300 years.

Les Subtiles (The Subtle) fountain pen inks are lightly-scented with floral waters from the French town of Grasse, the world’s perfume capital known. Each fragrance corresponds to its colour: lavender (blue), apple (green), orange (amber), rose (red) and violet (violet).

All of the J. Herbin inks are water-based, pH neutral, non-toxic and fit for a king. The original formulas used by Louis XIV still exist today.