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Power of the Handwritten Note

The Power of a Handwritten Note

A few written words can still go a long way, especially in an age where emails, texts, tweets and Facebook messages have replaced traditional thank you cards and paper invitations. Here are some tools to help you remaster the lost art of a handwritten note.

For the Chronic Notetaker:

Rite in the Rain mini notebooks are every writer’s dream. Durable, perfectly sized and totally waterproof, these back pocket companions offer a reliable all-weather solution.

For the Designer:

Rhodia dotPads were designed especially for designers, architects and other creative professionals who prefer a more subtle alternative to lined paper. Each 80g sheet within the 80-sheet book contains light violet-coloured dots with a 5mm interval.

For the Busy Executive:

Quo Vadis are the smartphones of the agenda world for students, teachers and executives. The company has been helping people keep their appointments and remember their homework since they first launched their simple diary grid in 1952. You won’t find a more customizable planner than this.

For the Doodler:

Habana books are made for elegant note taking, doodling and keeping your very best secrets. These 80-page notebooks are made from smooth, chlorine-free paper and available in six different colours. Plus, they include an expandable inner pocket for business cards, notes and other special keepsakes.

For the Traditionalist:

A favourite of Louis XIV and Victor Hugo, J. Herbin ink dates back to 1670 making it the oldest name in ink production worldwide. J. Herbin’s fountain pen inks, La Perle des Encres (The Jewel of Inks), were first sold in a Parisian boutique in the early 17th century. These fast-drying inks are available in a range of 30 bright and beautiful colours ranging from romantic pink to rich cacao to traditional blue.

For the Sentamentalist:

Les Subtiles (The Subtle) fountain pen inks are lightly-scented with floral waters from the French town of Grasse, the world’s perfume capital known. Each fragrance corresponds to its colour: lavender (blue), apple (green), orange (amber), rose (red) and violet (violet).